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Science stuff!

My PhD
Remote sensing – Envisat and my work
Life as an international student
My PhD experience and PhD troubleshooting
IOCCG Summer Lecture Series
Teaching in Zanzibar
Attending my first major conference and the importance of a research community
PhD Summer Schools – Greenseas
Publishing my first paper
Finishing my PhD and what happened next

Science Education and Communication
ACCESS Habitable Planet Workshop – Cape Town/Gauteng and Limpopo 2011
The ACCESS HPW facebook group
Women in Science
African perspectives on climate change
Advice for international students
EAMNET/WIOMSA Operational oceanography and coral reef monitoring workshop
Effective teaching and learning
I’m a scientist, get me out of here!

Sustainable fish and seafood
For those in SA – get a copy of the SASSI card to help pick sustainable seafood all the time
For those in the UK – MCS provide similar guidelines> HERE
Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s new campaign – lets not waste the little we have left!
Shark diving: Good for the sharks or not?

Food in science
Dairy Cows in the UK found with new strain of superbug MRSA
Food security in a changing climate
The role of science in decision making – comments on the Stanford organic study

General climate change/other global change issues

The intergovernmental panel on climate change – not perfect but the only comprehensive, consensus I think we have.
Nature – general science around climate change

General geekery

The day I got to meet Sir David Attenborough

Science blogs

Words in mOcean – a great marine science blog
Follow Lauren Biermanns adventures to provide validation data for me and understand the Southern Ocean using her army of seals with laser beams…no seriously her work is that odd and awesome.
Follow my friend Mtetho Vuyo Sovara on his remote sensing journey and check out his awesome clothing brand!

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