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A collection of recipes from my kitchen. These are mainly thrown together from a combination of ideas, great produce that I’ve spent too much of my bursary on and what’s left in my cupboards. Credit is given when I’ve taken recipes from elsewhere. If you would like to reproduce any of these recipes please contact me via the blog, also if you do try them out, please let me know how it goes! 🙂


Home made burgers MK1
Braised lamb shank with quick roast potatoes
One pan roast chicken
Roast lamb marinaded in yoghurt and spices
Roast pork belly in five spice with roast potatoes and Asian slaw
Lemon lamb casserole
Slow cooked beef in red wine for pie or with mash and peas
Feta and bacon quiche
8 different toasted cheese sandwich recipes
Tandoori roast chicken
Saag aloo salad
Persian Lamb meatballs – two ways

Sustainable fish

Potato rosti with smoked salmon trout on lemon, parsley and parmesan ricotta, topped with a poached egg
Smoked Angel Fish Cakes with a not really tartare sauce
Smoked Angelfish soup
Thai-inspired fish curry
Yellowtail ceviche with Thai flavours
Baked hake with parmesan and herb crust
Calamari and warm pepper salad
Rainbow Trout Ravioli


Baked camembert
Broccoli and gorgonzola soup
Roast butternut, red onion and gorgonzola tart
Sweet potato gnocchi, pan fried with sage
Patatas Bravas
Marinated peppers and artichokes
Basil Pesto
Asian Pesto
Mango and Jalapeno Jam
Thai noodle soup
Blue cheese and spinach pasta
Vindaloo inspired curry
Dosai with saag aloo and onion salad
Garlic, chilli and olive oil pasta
Butternut squash risotto
Fennel Carpaccio
Asparagus soup
Spinach and ricotta tortellini
Parmesan chicken and pesto pasta
Goats cheese rarebit with cider and leeks
Eggs Florentine
Poached eggs with tomatoes, basil and gruyere in a warm croissant
Buckwheat and butterbean soup
Potato, leek and cheese soup
Devon Rarebit
Roast tomato and garlic soup
Four nut curry
Goats cheese, pear and walnut risotto with cider
Glazed root vegetable pasta
Winter cous cous
8 different toasted cheese sandwich recipes


Rum baba
Chocolate, rum, banana bread
Apple, pear, fig and honey phyllo tart
Flourless chocolate, almond, pear and rum cake

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  1. Llewelyn George Atkins permalink
    April 7, 2012 3:43 pm

    I was lucky enough to try your lamb roast this week, please put that recipe up. Cool blog too. LGA

  2. April 7, 2012 4:03 pm

    Yay George you found the blog! The lamb is on here – roast lamb with yoghurt & spices 🙂

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