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#sea2shop2supper: Rainbow Trout Ravioli

April 6, 2015

One of the nicest things about finally coming back to the UK is being reunited with many of my belongings that I couldn’t take to Cape Town. Something I’m very happy to see again is my pasta machine. I have made pasta without it in the last few years, but it wasn’t as easy. Now that I’m back I have no excuse and there really is nothing that beats homemade ravioli with any one of the myriad tasty fillings that can be invented.

Continuing my #sea2shop2supper series I decided to make some simple rainbow trout ravioli.


Rainbow trout are rated as a 2 for sustainability on the MCS guidelines. They are typically farmed in freshwater so I guess not technically “sea”food but they are a great sustainable option for a special fish dinner.


I bought 4 rainbow trout fillets from my local M&S for £6 and used two for this dish.


Rainbow trout ravioli with almond butter sauce

To serve 2


300g 00 pasta flour
3 large eggs
2 trout fillets
1 lemon
2 tablespoons of blached sliced almonds
2 tablespoons of butter
2 handfuls of English spinach.
Chives to garnish
Ground black pepper


First make the pasta dough. I used Jamie Oliver’s basic egg pasta recipe here, and it worked really well. I halved it and it made more than enough dough to make enough ravioli for two, plus some extras.

While the pasta dough is resting, make a little parcel out of tin foil to cook the trout fillets in. Zest the lemon and cook the trout fillets with the lemon zest for about 10 minutes at 200 degrees. Once cooked, flake the trout in to a bowl and season well with pepper and a small squeeze of lemon juice. Pour any juices from the parcel in to a frying pan.

To make the ravioli, roll out the pasta in to sheets as thin as possible. Put teaspoons of the trout mix along the sheet, with a 3-5 cm gap in between. Brush around the edges of the mix with a little water. Lay another sheet on top and form the ravioli, making sure there’s no air left around the mix. Slice with a knife or ravioli cutter and make sure the edges are well sealed. Cook in boiling, salted water for 4 minutes.

On medium heat, add butter to the frying pan, once melted and starting to bubble, add the almonds. Once the butter is slightly browned, add a squeeze of lemon juice and remove from the heat.

Serve the ravioli on a bed of English spinach (the heat of the pasta will wilt it) with the sauce drizzled over the top and plenty of chopped chives.


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