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The Darwin Trail (part two): Seapoint and the City Bowl.

March 20, 2012

In our quest to follow in Darwins footsteps around the Cape, myself, Emily, Lauren and a visiting friend (Rene) took an evening stroll around Seapoint.

The rocks in this area are known as the Seapoint contact where the metamorphosed sedimentary rocks from the Malmesbury group meets Cape granite.

Darwin remarked about how this evidence fit with Lyells theories of the time about geological change – these new views must have been incredibly important in opening his mind to the possibility of revolutionising old theory. I’m no geologist, so there’s a wonderful explanation of the geological intricacies of this area here. There’s a plaque explaining the rock formation to passers by and memorialising Darwins visit.

Whilst the rocks have not changed much over the blink of geological time since Darwin walked around Seapoint, the surrounding settlement is likely very different from what Darwin experienced. Although the wintery weather we had was appropriate, given the time of his visit! We were hoping to go up to the Bo Kaap area above the City Bowl to get a view over city, just as Darwin did, but the weather had other ideas! Darwin had commented that the city was “in several trifling particulars becoming more and more English every day”, so we decided to spend the evening in town to appreciate some of the other international influences Cape Town has attracted and maintained since Darwins visit. We stopped at Eastern Bazaar where you can try a huge range of food from the East including the best and I think cheapest curries in Cape Town!

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