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Kudu and bacon burgers

October 5, 2011

Bacon is the ultimate comfort food for many. When hungover, all you want is that crispy, fatty, smokey, sweetness, maybe in a sandwich with an egg, perhaps smothered in HP sauce. It’s perfect in pasta and quintessential in quiche. Despite being a meat held in almost religious fanaticism by some, pigs are probably one of the worst treated farmed animals (arguably after chickens). I don’t stand for bad bacon, I’d rather not eat bacon at all. Luckily, in Cape Town I’m not alone and my fellow foodies and I are supplied well with an array of free range pork – in particular, very good bacon, from Martin Raubenheimer (Cure Deli products).

On visiting Earth Fair Market last week, a somewhat fed up Emily and I were taken pity on by Martin and given some of his kudu and bacon burgers to try. Topped with some caramelised red onions, blue cheese and rocket and sandwiched between toasted bread rubbed with garlic and olive oil, they were utterly delicious! I thoroughly recommend! Martin sells his awesome pig products at Earth Fair Market and City Bowl Market and also does deliveries – you can find him on twitter – @curedeli.

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