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A great video discussing factory farming.

June 20, 2011

A great video from Joel Salatin explaining why we should and how we can reshape the food production industry. He eloquently reveals the utterly ridiculous inefficiency of the current set up and suggests things that you, as a consumer, can do to help. Including learning to cook and appreciating your food properly.

Thanks to imnojamieoliver for the link.

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  1. Hepe permalink
    June 20, 2011 1:58 pm

    Did you check the BBC video that I linked you to, same fuel issues but with a UK perspective?

  2. Hepe permalink
    June 21, 2011 7:16 am

    5 Min into the Joe Salatin video and I just have to stop watching. This is a prime example of someone who doesn’t understand that he doesn’t have a tallent for public speaking and who looses his message because of what I call the ‘Arabic finger’ or the Fox News approach. Arabic finger describes the practice used in this part of the World which is based upon “I am pointing my index finger to the sky, therefore what I say is incontestible and must be taken as the absolute truth”. Fox news approach is similar and employs a lot of popular appeal to the red neck “yeah ha and kick everyone’s butt”.
    I have no doubt that a lot of what he is trying to say (and the message he blocks) is true, I have certainly seen the monster feed lots for beef cattle in the USA and understand their gross inefficiency cycle and abhorent animal treatment. They are designed to support the profit interests of the monster wealthy corporations, anyone who has watched Michael Moore (he DOES get the message accross) is familiar with a lot of this stuff.
    However, though the system has become really bad and corrupt, experience teaches us (illustrated by the recent organic bean sprouts ecoli outbreak in Germany), that just because it’s ‘down home’ doesn’t ensure it is good and safe. Public health is a major issue and one which people hold governments responsible for when there are failures. I am not sure that people who have to be guided step by step every Christmas how to safely cook turkey are competent to live within a very short food chain that cannot be safely overseen for public health? Public health monitoring grew out of just such failures, but has become a controling monster based upon ‘best chance of success for minimum cost’, it’s a trade off. Perhaps the public health issues of the past, often pre dating refrigeration and often with poor water quality can stand examination, but that could only be with improved producer knowledge and monitored safe practices?
    The short chain theory is good, the solutions WILL come, but not just because Joe says “it’s obvious Stupid’. What we have is a rapidly changing environment in which a lot of (largely middle class) people are increasingly interested in examining past practices that were once reasonable but that now are not. Just as we are entering a new Industrial Revolution where we must consider dwindling Natural Capital, so we are looking again at many methodologies which have kept much of the World’s stomach’s reasonable full, but which we now know to have been a short lived gain. Imagine one particular practice as shown in the BBC video; ploughing. That someone can now say after centuries of this most fundamental practice, that has helped feed enormous populations, that it is wrong and bad for the soil shakes some people’s beliefs to the very root. If you are going to shake people’s roots to the point of suggesting revolution (agricultural, industrial, financial and political), it needs someone better that Joe to galvanise the masses. Al Gore has not managed it (yet).
    Incidently, the hospital project I am on will have kitchen and food waste dewatered and composted through an accelerated composter for use in the landscape. Composting should be weathered, but the high UV in this region provides for natural disinfection. I really wanted to install reed bed sewage treatment systems as well, but lost the fight (so far).

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