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“Sex on toast” or something a little less provocative…

February 15, 2011

A quick recipe for a mid-afternoon/light snack. A healthy take on a slice of pizza I guess and so good that Ben has termed it “sex on toast”…which I’m not entirely comfortable with so I’m going to call it Rye pizza 🙂

Rye pizza


2 slices of rye bread (the woolworths one is particularly delicious but the PnP Austrian Rye is also nice.
1 medium sized tomato (half a beef tomato/6-8 cherry tomatoes).
70g Feta
A little olive oil
4 large basil leaves (about 6 normal, our basil is monstrous, pesto anyone?)
A balsamic glaze/reduction (I keep a bottle of Rickety Bridge – smoked white balsamic with chilli at all times – its truly fantastic and lasts forever)
Salt (tomatoes best friend although not strictly necessary with the feta)


Toast the bread, chop the tomatoes and feta into slices.
Rub the toast with a little olive oil, you can leave this out if you don’t have really nice olive oil – this is one occasion where a well flavoured oil will be appreciated.
Pile the feta and tomatoes on to the toast.
Arrange the basil leaves on top.
Glaze with a sprinkle of balsamic reduction (the normal vinegar would be too thin but you could just reduce some down with a little sprinkle of sugar).
Eat 🙂

Dietary note: A vegetarian delight, not one for the vegans (how do you folk do it!?) or for the dairy intolerant because of the cheese. Although this would probably be really nice just with lots of fresh tomatoes and basil. The only real issue here for wheat/gluten free diets is the bread. So it really depends on how good a bread you can buy/make. I think this could also work well if you made little puff/shortcrust pastry squares – again though you’re relying on your baking prowess/availability of good ready made pastry.

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