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Picnic adventures: Tuna Nicoise

February 14, 2011

From our Kirstenbosch summer concert picnic!

Tuna Nicoise salad

I wanted to make this is a fairly simple salad, not too flavoursome what with all the other dishes we had. So its lacking a dressing – to make a meal of this, any simple vinaigrette will do.


4 just hard boiled eggs – quartered.
A handful of green beans – boiled/steamed til just cooked (I think they are nice just crispy)
A few tbsp whole black olives
A few new potatoes boiled until just cooked, then quartered.
1 tin of tuna/ 1 seared tuna steak (if you are well off, but tinned will suffice, go for the most sustainable you can find, in SA this is woolworths I think, in the UK its sainsbury’s own brand! Stay away from Princes/John West.)


Mix all the ingredients together in a big bowl and season – add vinaigrette if desired.

Simple tuna nicoise


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