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Soup Kitchen: Broccolli and gorgonzola soup.

November 17, 2010

To show case a particularly gorgeous lump of creamy gorgonzola I bought at the biscuit mill I threw together this soup. Soup is delicious, easy, light but filling and allows me to take advantage of the wealth of decent fruit and veg we get here.

Makes about 3 generous portions.


500g broccoli
150g gorgonzola
2 leeks
2 medium potatoes
1 garlic clove (finely chopped)
500ml stock


Dice the veg, add garlic and lightly sweat in a little olive oil for 5 minutes.
Add stock and cook until soft.
Blend, adding about 130g of the gorgonzola.
Season well with pepper but taste before adding salt (your stock and gorgonzola will change how much you need to season).
Serve and sprinkle a little gorgonzola on top.
I used some extra on top of some pear slices as a garnish on the side.
Would go really well with a nice rye or walnut bread.

Broccoli and gorgonzola soup with a little pear garnish- thanks to Ben for the photo.

Dietary note: All gluten free as far as I’m aware 🙂 Check the stock and choose bread appropriately if you want bread, but the soup is filling enough without it.

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