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Whisky live!

November 16, 2010

I’ve never really indulged in whisky – ever since drinking way too much Jack Daniels as a teenager! But when my awesome foodie companion – Hazel, suggested going to this I thought why not!
For R180 (about £16) you got a tasting glass, handbook and 12 vouchers for tastings. Now I know nothing about whisky so the connoisseurs would probably have my head on a plate for my opinions about the whiskys I tried, but here goes!

Firstly we blew 5 vouchers on “The House of Johnnie Walker”. Within the box house structure they had constructed were 5 rooms where we got to the try 5 different coloured label whiskys from JW. We started with the black label – very smokey but I was shocked by how interesting I found the flavour of this – the first whisky I’d ever really tasted! We moved through to red – also quite nice, but then we had the gold – which had been kept cold and was really nice! Then the green, which had a very fresh, appley taste that I really liked, until I tasted the blue – which was simply divine (and the most expensive!).

After overdosing on JW, I spotted a food and whisky pairing section! Since food and booze pairing has become my latest priority interest, I was in my element. It turns out that where wine fails, whisky sometimes succeeds when it comes to food! I had some excellent Von Geusau Chocolate with Wild Goose whiskey before moving on to hot smoked salmon paired with Oban whisky, the wonderfully smokey Lagavulin paired with a creamy gorgonzola and another whisky paired with italian salami! Utter. Heaven.

I spent my final 2 tokens trying to get over my memories of Jack Daniels by trying a couple of their offerings, but found it far less interesting than the others I tried!

I’m now definitely open to whisky and will be poaching some of grandads collection and J-Ho’s woodford reserve when I return to Plymouth for Xmas. I will also be going to next years whisky live for sure!

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