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Mexican at the overweight succulent….

November 16, 2010

On a (slightly tipsy) Saturday afternoon, no one really wants fussy food for dinner so we deliberated between pizza and mexican. We already know an awesome pizza place (Borussos) and there are a couple of Fat Cactus mexican restuarants around. Having already all been to Borussos and since we visited the Fat Cactus near Kloof Street whilst Ben was away, depriving him of awesomeness, we decided to try another one in Mowbray.
The restaurant had a really nice vibe to it – busy, noisy with chatter and maybe a few too many seats crammed in to the space than should be, making for a lively but relaxed vibe which is characteristic of some of my favourite – lazy, just want to eat out and be full- dining experiences.

Fat cactus has all the typical tex-mex dishes on the menu – chilli, nachos, burritos, enchiladas, fajitas, quesadillas, steak, burgers, a nice range of salads – basically something for everyone, no fuss, filling food!
To start with we ordered a big jug of frozen lime margherita – easily enough for 2 small glasses each and you could really taste the tequila!

To eat we ordered nachos and chilli poppers to share followed by 3 different types of fajitas and spicy fishcakes. The nachos were standard, nothing special to write home about, however I am happy that they use a simple, chunky salsa of onion, tomatoes and coriander – much fresher than these sloppy prepared ones you get sometimes. The chilli poppers tasted great – huge battered jalapenos filled with delicious cheese. The fajitas at fat cactus are quite something to behold, and basically amount of a meal “bigger than my head” as Herman put it. The whole meal comes on a wooden tray, with individual slots for little bowls of cheese, coleslaw, guacamole, sour cream, salsa, a bowl full of tortillas and a big pan full of fajita filling. The meat/veg is cooked with different sauces including coriander or smokey BBQ. My fish cake dish (The Pesky Texican) came with a similar array of side dishes, but was a fraction of the price of the fajitas – yet just as filling. The real highlight of the meal here for me was the coleslaw – which from what I can tell is made from red cabbage and red onion – I will have to try this for myself!

The food amounted to way more than we could all eat and the efficient waiter boxed the rest up for us no problem. This is something I really like about SA and seems to be accepted everywhere if you can’t finish your meal.

Fat cactus: 6/10
Go here for: Good value, filling food, lively atmosphere, tequila!!!
Bad points: Mexican food can feel a bit same-y I think. Maybe just go for either a main or lots of starters to avoid cheese/sourcream/guacamole/salsa overload!

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